Finding a B&B in the City

Most people associate bed and breakfast accommodation with small towns and the countryside, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to find a B&B or another type of independent accommodation in a big city.

In some cases, a B&B in a big city won’t actually be called a B&B. Many places offering this type of service tend to brand themselves as hotels. Most booking websites will give the number of rooms that a particular hotel has, and this can be a good way to work out whether or not it will be similar to a B&B. In other cases, you may find that a pub with rooms is another option.

It’s also worth checking out review sites to get an idea of the feel of any hotel. While many hotels will use all sorts of fancy words to describe their rooms and atmosphere, getting the opinion of a previous guest can be the best way to discover what a hotel or B&B is actually like to stay in. Guests should try to read multiple reviews rather than putting too much into one particular comment to avoid one bad experience ruining expectations.